Gastritis and homoeopathy

पेट के म्युकस मेम्ब्रेन में होने वाली सूजन को गैस्ट्राइटिस कहते है।
आज के इस भागम दौड़ जिन्दगी में जब सब काम जल्दी- जल्दी करने की आदत बढ़ती जा रही है। ‘‘जल्दी‘‘ अब एक ऐसा शब्द है जो हर वाक्य के साथ जुड़ता जा रहा है तो तमाम तरह की बीमारियाँ भी उम्र से पहले जल्दी हो जाती है।
आज जब भारतीय व्यंजनों की जगह फास्ट फूड ले रहे है, लोग दूध कम ले रहे है तला भुना ज्यादा ले रहे है साथ में शारीरिक व्यायम कम होते जा रहे है तो गैस्ट्राइटिस की मरीजों की संख्या भी बढ़ती जा रही है। उपरोक्त कारणों के अतिरिक्त कच्चे फल, धुम्रपान मद्यपान, कुछ दर्द निवारक दवाइयों इसके प्रमुख करण है –
इसके प्रमुख लक्षण –
पेट दर्द, भारीपन, उल्टी जी मचलाना कब्ज है – गैस्ट्राइटिस होने के पहले लोगों का पेट फूलना डकारें आना, सीने में जलन होना, हल्का दर्द होना, मुंह में खट्टा पानी आना जैसे लक्षण होते है। जिसका प्रमुख कारण – खाने को ठीक से न चबा पाना, जल्दी- जल्दी खाना, उलझन, खराब ब्रेड, कृत्रिम रूप से पकाये कच्चे फल, ज्यादा मद्यपान धुम्रपान करना है। इसके अलावा दर्द निवारक दवाओं का इस्तेमाल, ज्यादा चाय काफी लेना।
इन लक्षणों का ठीक समय से निवारण न करनें पर गैस्ट्रिक अल्सर में बदलनें की संभावना रहती है इसके अलावा लिवर या गाल ब्लैडर की बीमारियो मंे भी उपरोक्त लक्षण हो सकते है।
इरोसियन हमेशा गैस्ट्राइटिस के साथ होता है और कभी -2 इसमें खून भी रिसता है। इरोसियन बीमारी के जटिलता का संकेत है जिसे एक शिक्षित होम्योपैथ चिकित्सा से आसानी से समाप्त कर सकता है। इरोसियन की समस्या मद्यपान करने वाले व अक्सर दर्द निवारक दवायें (NASID) लेने वालों में ज्यादा होती है। कभी -2 इसके कोई भी लक्षण प्रकट भी नहीं होते।
निदान – एण्डोस्कोपी
चिकित्सा –
होम्योपैथी दवाओं के चुनाव में मरीज को अपने लक्षणों की सम्पूर्ण जानकारी देनी चाहिए, जैसे जलन कब बढ़ती है, खाने के पहले या बाद में खाने के काफी देर बाद इत्यादि। दर्द मे कैसे आराम मिलता है आगे झुकने से अथवा ठण्डा दूध पीने से, इत्यादि, उल्टी से दर्द में आराम मिलता है कि नहीं या ऐसा लगता है अगर थोड़ी उल्टी हो जाये तो आराम मिल जाये। इसके लिए होम्योपैथी में एक नक्स वोम अच्छी दवा है लेकिन सारे मरीजों को सिर्फ एक ही दवा नहीं दी जा सकती हैं इसीलिए नक्सवोमसे अगर आराम नहीं मिलता है तो किसी कुशल होम्योपैथ से इसका इलाज कराकर इससे मुक्त हो जाना चाहिए और किसी भी तरह की जटिलता से बचना भी आसान हो जाता है।

Kolkata Method- A Complete Homoeopathic Prescription

ABSTRACT: Treat the patient not the disease is the basic concept of homeopathy which was well understood in Kolkata method. It is not a method where medicines are prescribed keeping in view one or two symptoms rather medicine is prescribed after a full case taking, giving importance both to mental and physical attributes as well as any particular symptoms. Both subjective and objective symptoms have got its importance in Kolkata method. People think that Kolkata method is one line prescription which is a wrong concept; this is the basic purpose to write this article on Kolkata method.

BACKGROUND: Kolkata method is a key note prescription, which is popularized by renowned homeopath who is known as living materia medica Dr.S.K.Dubey,he used to say that A true Homoeopathic prescription is not based upon a single peculiar symptom, considered as one symptom, no matter how peculiar it may be. Its utility lies in that when a prescriber has become familiar with this keynote or characteristic of the medicines he will be able to find the remedy more quickly in a given case, because the field of selection has been narrowed. In Kolkata homeopathy a common statement is that- *A keynote prescriber is but a memory prescriber; he has memorized only and has not made it a part of his understanding.  

DISCUSSION: Dr.S.K.Dubey and other teachers of KOLKATA homeopathy always give emphasis that The symptoms that represent the patient as a whole are of great, greatest value, especially such as are expressed in the patient's own speech. As in Kolkata homeopathy give more emphasis over the proper case taking as well as physician own observation so, the symptoms that characterize the whole mental and bodily states sometimes present such a view that the remedy may be seen at once; again, all the foregoing classes of symptoms are necessary to furnish a view of the past and present. When such a complete view presents itself, the prescription becomes easy. The grasp of the symptoms, in part or as a whole, is firm or lax in accordance with the view taken of the parts and the whole collection of symptoms.  

Example 1 : With menses too late or suppressed or scanty, the patient weeping, with aversion to fats, nausea, vomiting, weight after eating, the young man will say PULSATILLA at once ; but wait a moment. The patient is very chilly, likes the house, never needs the open window, is worse from motion, wants to keep very quiet ; now you change your mind and give her CYCLAMEN. Or, if she is better in motion and in open air, and craves it, and is too warm, then PULSATILLA

Example 2.. A man with a rectal ulcer was advised to be operated on to relieve the copious hemorrhages from the rectum. He was urged to consult me(Kent) before having an operation. I found a persistent mental symptom was the need of intense restraint to prevent himself from destroying his own life. Natrum Sul. had this symptom, but has no rectal ulcer recorded. A few other symptoms present, together with this strong mental symptom, led to the use of Nat. Sul. and he had no more hemorrhages. 
Example-3:Another famous, Kent case- A doctor brought a patient to me(Kent) for consultation one cold Winter day, saying he had tried for a long time and failed to benefit him. The most troublesome symptom was a dry, hacking cough for which he had prescribed Arsenicum. He said the young man had been steadily emaciating, and he thought I might help him. I looked at the young man and noticed he had no overcoat on though it was very cold weather. Asking him why he wore no overcoat, I found that he was never chilly, but wanted the cold air, felt better in the open air, wanted to walk and work rapidly, had been emaciating for some time, and had this dry, hacking cough. I asked the doctor why he did not give him Lycopodium as that fitted the patient and the patent was clearly of the opposite type to Arsenicum. Lycopodium stopped his cough and he increased in weight and was cured. 
If we read these cases it seems that in above cases medicine prescribe only on the basis of one or two symptoms but physician with depth of knowledge of materia medica and organon will see the beauty of prescription ,that all the senses are used in this prescription what our master said in$83-$104,see the beauty of kent observation and analysis of the both cases. Dr. S. K. Dubey always give emphasis that the success of prescribing depends upon the view taken of the totality of the symptoms. 

Above cases which will help s to know the importance of key notes prescribing, which is known to us from the beginning of homeopathy. In my views homeopathy has got its popularity and established its efficacy due to key notes prescriptions, as in older times it was not possible conducting repertory of every case as quickly as in modern times. Kolkata method has got a rich tradition where our masters write his experience repeatedly, verified by our seniors and then individual uses this experience and establish it. Kolkatta method is a rich blend of experience, expertise flowing since ages in the generations

As our clientele increases we suffer from lack of time to see all patient s with proper case taking. At that time the key note become a great help to us. With experience we know that the case covering key notes nearly always covers the totality of the case. But proper key notes in a patient can only be identified by a experienced prescriber with good knowledge of materia medica. and organon , but failure is sure if we prescribe medicine with out correctly perceive the symptoms as in case thirsty patient if we always prescribe Bryonia is always a failure. In Kolkata school a common teaching in case of get wet if we always give Rhustox will be a failure Rhustox only work in that case where wet during exertion as if player wet Rhustox and those watching game Allium cepa,Dulcamarra. So finer differ citation is always important in KOLKATA method. In Kolkata method in acute cases give more stress over cause and examination of the patient, as in case of fever if head hot and feet cold when to give Belladonna and when to give Arnica and it will come only after depth study of materia medica, It is very clear to the students of Kolkata homeopathy that when a strange rare or peculiar symptom is due to the impact of something that requires a physical change, homeopathy cannot help. In KOLKATTA homeopathy there is a common saying that; you can give Chamomilla to a crying baby, but if the diaper pin is sticking into the baby’s buttocks, it will not change the situation. 

Kolkata method prescribe medicine with complete case taking with basic theme or nucleus of medicine. Importance of keynotes are more in those area where electric is problem we cant use computer always or physicians who see large number of patients ,here its importance is more and those who have good number, of patients. At that time the key note become a great help to us. With experience we know that the case covering key notes nearly always covers the totality of the case. the importance of key notes will become a great help to us as it gives relief as well as we don’t loose patients confidence, as a patient come to us with great faith but after working a long time at the last hours it help us more as we cant see patient with same energy during last hours.

 I think after computer now youngsters more dependent on them and they are not using mental power to get proper picture of drug to know salient features of medicine which is essential part to differentiate medicine which is possible only when we know the key note of the case as in a case where puls and sil are in equal then we prescribe for mild and diarrheic tendency puls or if head strong and constipated then we prescribe sil both symptoms are key note of the medicine. In fact in our general practice we generally differentiates medicine with help of key note of medicine.When we recognizes such a keynote, it suggests or recalls to mind a single medicine or group of medicines, having a similar keynote. Reference to the Repertory and Materia Medica will verify and complete the comparison. It is also to be noted that a rare, uncommon, peculiar and striking/strange symptom may rescue cases of acute, sub-acute or even complicated chronic diseases.  

Now coming to the well-known Homoeopathic 'RULE OF THREE': that when a patient has three well marked symptoms, developed in the proving of a certain drug, then that remedy may be prescribed with confidence. Prescribing on one symptom is not satisfactory. Dr Lippe said something like: "If you sit on a stool with only one leg, you wobble: if a stool has two legs, you teeter-totter; if it has three legs, you sit all right.' And Dr Hering said 'every stool must have at least three legs, if it is to stand-alone". And he advised us to select at least three characteristic symptoms as the basis of prescribing. Dr Stuart Close says: "A milking stool will stand on one leg, if you sit on it and provide your own two legs as the other necessary props; but even then, as every farmer's boy knows by bitter experience, a vicious kick, or a "corkscrew swat" from the old cow's tail may upset the youthful milker and his pail of milk and bring him to grief". So, it is wise to always give the symptomatic milk-stool as broad a base and as many legs as possible.The youthful prescriber will get many a vicious kick from refractory cases. He may be knocked sprawling and lose his pail of milk a few times, but he will be able to avoid this when he has learned the peculiarities of his patient as well as I have learned the peculiarities of my bovine kicker when I was a boy.The rule of three is valuable and reassuring. Thus if the patient has general relief in cool weather, is not constipated, but on the other hand, has two and sometimes three normal stools every day and has aversion to the fatty foods, trimming the fat from his meat, then Pulsatilla is almost sure to help, no matter what the diagnosis is".The keynote is only meant to state , some strong characteristic symptom; and then on referring to the Materia Medica, all the others will surely be present. 

If we use keynotes, make sure we have some other confirming symptoms - some peculiars, general themes. We often find that if we have at least 3 strong keynotes, and some general emotional characteristics to back up, then the prescription has a good chance of succeeding. Remember too, that a keynote is a symptom for which that remedy comes up very frequently. It also means that it is possible to suppress the symptom with the keynote remedy, because it is too suitable for just that one aspect. This is why we need several keynotes to cover more of the case.  

Keynotes are highlights of a remedy's is best known characteristics, symptoms and modalities. Keynotes give us clues, but they can also give us false leads in constitutional prescribing, so they must be used intelligently.Examples:You can see that both remedies below are known for nausea and vomiting, but their other keynotes are used to differentiate between them. 

Arsenicum Album - Very anxious. Fear they are dying (even in mild illness). Worse around midnight and the wee hours. Better from warmth. Burning pains. Great restlessness or utter prostration.(too exhausted to be restless) Nausea and vomiting. 

Nux Vomica -Irritable Oversensitive (to Cold, Noise, Smells etc). Worse early morning, 4-6 am. Shivering violently, from the least uncovering. Nausea and vomiting.

So we can see that a patient who was very shivery and grumpy would be more likely to need nuv-vom than one who was anxious and restless, who might need arsenicum album. Different remedies used even though they both seem to be suffering from the same symptoms of nausea. 

The problem is that we must first find the general trends in the patient. Once we find those trends, once we establish what the large segments are, then we can look at the keynote symptoms, which exemplify those trends in the patient. 

Once we find the keynotes that represent the larger issue of the patient we can then investigate those. We do not have to pay attention to symptoms that exist in the patient if they do not fit their general state. Every patient has many keynotes of many remedies. This process shows us which symptoms to pay attention to and which ones to avoid.One of the biggest problems that this model highlights is that we often 'warp' our patient's symptoms into a preconceived notion rather than trying to understand the whole patient and their general trends as described by Hering and Boenninghausen. We have left out the step of finding the general symptoms of the patient and then finding the keynotes of those general trends. Every patient has keynotes of various remedies. The more remedies you know the more keynotes you can find in any one individual. To be specific, we never met a person that did not have 3 or 4 keynotes of a dozen remedies, let alone a single keynote of scores of remedies. So the problem is which keynotes do we use, for this we need depth knowledge of material medica and organon. 

Once we see a keynote as an example of a larger trend we can understand how to use them and how they have been misused. Kent used to say he hated keynote prescribers on the one hand and yet he used keynotes all the time. Kent was using keynotes, which represented the general state. What he abhorred was people using keynotes without looking for the general state of the patient. 

Likewise Guernsey, Hering, Lippe, Boenninghausen, all used keynotes, but only when the keynote represented a larger general process of the person or remedy in question. This is the point that has been missed by our community, and the point that has led to many errors in prescribing. 

CONCLUSION: Remedy keynotes play a big part in any prescription but they must be used with care. Often in the course of learning homeopathy we are encouraged to study the keynotes of many remedies. This is a good way to learn a little about remedies but never speak to the totality of the remedy energy. It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the case in order to use keynotes. Often if we look at only the most predominate symptom but fail to see the whole of the case, we will probably be led to prescribe the wrong remedy. Those symptoms that are strange, rare and peculiar often carry more weight in revealing the essence of the case than predominate symptoms. If keynotes are used as a reference to Materia Medica study they serve us well, but they are very dangerous if used as basis for prescribing. If the homeopath prescribes soley on keynotes he may, and often does, remove the most conspicuous symptoms. This often confuses the case and leads to an obstacle to cure distorting the picture of the patient himself.  

In fact in Homoeopathy there is only one method for treatment of different disease that is cover the totality of case as our teachers of Kolkata said “Always understand the essence of the case before selecting a remedy”. 


I am giving my few acute cases which I treat in my clinic though these are common we all treat such cases in our practice and this is only possible as we perceive the patient symptoms properly 

Case of Urticara: In a case of itching violently and as soon as itching subsides at one place it starts at other part of the body and the peculiar causation in this case is that the complain start after 'suppressed anger' and so I prescribed STAPHISAGRIA with full of my satisfaction. 

*About the case: * It came to me as- violent itching with no cause ,as I know patient is not allergic to anything as well as weather was fine, he didn’t eat any such thing or visited any place or done which causes sudden allergy, so I just asked one question that- aaj boss se kuch hua kya andhe started………,conflict between boss and him after hearing his statement, I asked one question did you say something to him or not, he replied, “humagar kuchh bolte to mera wo transfer karva deta,wo bahut ganda adamihai",here I don’t give chamo and nux as he did not react there but here ,he didn’t express his anger and complaint. He suppressed his anger. It is unique as every day we get such cases due to suppressed anger but individual reaction varies but if we know key notes, staph we can easily prescribe . 

Case of ABROTANAM: In a case where ABROTANAM PRESCRIBED: Patient aged 45 years waiting outside for his chance, a child of 9 months of constantly crying. He was asked by other patient, to let the lady go and show her baby but this man Refused (other patient who is before this patient allowed) other patient. Moreover this man lives at walking distance from my clinic and that lady came from 15km distance, he knew it but still refused. I asked do you have any emergency- he didn’t tell. Then I asked ok now tell me your Problem doctor my joints are aching. How r you three days before you have diarrhoea and what about diarrhoea, oh! doctor after taking your medicine I took 'dependol'and after five hour Norflox- tz and again after around 2 am I took Norflox-tz ,my diarrhoea is ok but now joint pain started.Here his mind, I think ‘cruel’ where other patients are ‘sympathetic’ with the young kid, this man was not ;and second important symptom- joint pain after suppressed diarrhoea which is a key note of the case., what else we need to prescribe!!! 

Case of Nux Vom: In a case of coryza I prescribed Nux Vom with a peculiar symptom and coryza starts in open air and nose closed at night after sleep, dear friend coryza looks very simple word but when patient fed up with anti allergic at that time this type of results helps us to win the confidence of our patient 

Case of Nux Vom: In a case of cough I prescribed Nux Vom and with other symptom I prescribed Nux Vom with peculiar agg. after mid night here is good differtion th Drosera 

Case of Causticum: In a case of cough patient better after Causticum and the symptom is cough better after drinking water this type of symptoms generally found in cases of allergic cough just try to found the peculiar symptom ,friends in case of of early practice we have enough time to take case whether case is acute or chronic we should use that opportunity as a pillar stone for future. 
Case of Alumina: In other case of allergic cough I prescribed Alumina dear friend in case of allergic cough cough is generally dry and better and after cloves or something which produces saliva or keep throat moist and these symptoms better after alumina dear we know all these but not confident when using 

Case of Arnica: In a case of headache I prescribed Arnica and the reason behind this is patient is having hair fall and having curly hair and hair breaks after combing and this injury to scalp because hair removes from scalp forcely and I prescribed arnica with very good result 

Case of Argentum: Met in a case of pain ankle joint during sports activities injury in ankle joint I prescribed Argentum Met and result was so fast that her father told me he never thought homeopathy works so fast, we came to u just because our family doctor is not available and ur nearest doctor so there is no other choice. This type compliments in early practice not only increases my confidence as well as number of my patients

Case of Chamomilla: We know Chamomilla.But I have never confidence on this symptom if mother is angry and that time if she feeds baby the child become so irritable cranky first two day s there no result after when I start case taking what are the circumstances this complaints start then I prescribed Chammomilla for the case.
Case of Gels: In a case of seasonal coryza when there is no thirst and constant running nose I prescribed Gels. With a very good result and by experiencing what I understand we should always watchful over the symptoms and what we study in our materia medica and use it in right place. 
Case of Podophyllum: In case of dentional diarrhea where child pass stool every 10 minutes ,no other medicine works and character of stool is green ish white offensive and I prescribed Podophyllum and result was so fast and parents told me they are hopeless when came to me but as child is not improving with allopathic medicine so just to try homoeopathy they came to me and within 24 hrs. child improve. 

Case of Ars Alb In other case of diarrhea where patient came to me when diarroea starts after late night diarrohea and they took usual allopathic medicine with no response and then they call me I instructed them not to take other medicine just take Ars Alb every 10 minutes and result was so good no motion after 2 hours and patient starts his normal activities. 

Case of Croton tig: In other case of diarrohea I prescribed with very good result with Croton tig where patient cant absorb anything even after tea urge starts, and this is symptom of croton tig with very good result dear friend just try to recall what we studied in our bhms and it will helps us to grow as well as to win the confidence of my patients. 

Case of Ammon Mur: In a case of sciatica I prescribed Ammon Mur with a simple modality with no pain during lying down though its looks so simple pain better while lying down but no patient swill directly come to u and tell u the modality for this we have take case properly and try to find the peculiar symptom. dear friends what mind does not know eye cant see and this formula applicable here also if we the symptom we will ask question or when patient will tell us we will catch it . 

Case of Staphisgaria: In acase of morning cough patient start coughs in morning after brushing with vomiting and some time with vomiting sensation this complaints patient is having more then one year he took advice from various physicians including gastrologist when patient came to me he was a and doing job after taking the case I found irregular food habits which causes acidity and this symptom in Staphis garia and Coccus cacti but mental frustration more in the favour of Staphisgaria

Case of Cal..Carb: Cough where patient cough regularly what the peculiarty of the case is cough occurs in a single bout and observing the case I found that patient suffer from acidty and deseire for egg and this symptom mentioned in book cough in single paroxysm and prescribed Cal..Carb with very good result 

Case of Causticum: In case of severe allergic cough in my city which is generally chest is clear cough occurs sudden , generally at night ,better after taking water I know only two medicines one is Causticum and Cuprum met and the best way differtion is in cuprum met cramps are more marked where as in caust the bouts of is so severe 

Case of frequent urination: In a case of frequent urination in rainy weather patient passes urine frequently and it is very common problem in this season the first medicine is Merc. Sol and Duclamarra and we know the relationship between text book under merc.sol the symptom is more urine passes then water drink, after these two medicines even some time u will surprised with result

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