A Key to Homeopathic Treatment of Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dreaded disease fatal in number of cases in split of the treatment invented and practised in Allopathy all over the world. Moreover the treatment being given is still very costly an out of reach of millions. The side effect of the treatment often make the life of the patient so miserable that they think that the death might be a better option. Our Homeopath forefathres have prescribed specific treatments for many cancers. When the stage of the patient reaches beyond recoverable limits, number of medicines are available to reduce the cancer pains and they may gift in a calm and quiet death. The homeopathic treatment is very cheap and seldom results in complications. The need is to build up a reasonable level of confidence in the homeopaths and the patients. I appeal to the homeopaths to offer missionary service to cancer patients without compromising on the quality of treatment. This will help in spreading a message among the patients and the persons taking care of them. I am hopeful that consistent efforts in this direction will lead to a conviction among the masses that the homeopathic treatment of cancer is a better option.
A short compliation of medicines beneficial in various cancers is as follows. Number of medicines have been tested successfully by myself. Before starting specific treatment, we must antidote cancer diathesis by giving single dose of Scirrhinum200/1 m. We should remember that Psora and Sycosis are the two miasms which produce cancer. We have Psorinum200/1 m and Medorrhinum200/1 m. as anti psoric and anti sycotic remediess, so they must be used as intercurrent remedies (of course keeping in view the inter - relationship with other medicines). We should also not forget Arsenic Album1m as valuable remedy for maintaing the depleting system of the patients. So, these are the valuable remedies irrespective of the location of the cancer in the body. In this chain the general medicines mentioned below should also be taken care of My personal experience is excellent with Carcinosin200 (give twice  week) among the general medicines.

Type of Cancer
Carcinosin30/200 ( a dose at night or less frequently) Asterians rubens, Galium aparine, Radium, Antimonium Chloridum, Guaco, Taxus Buccata.
To reduce - pains - Euphorbium Callendula (in every stage) Kali phos (After operations), Calcarea acetica, Calcarea oxalica, Magnesia phos, Hydrastis can. Ova tosta.
Scrofulous and cancerous cachexia - Hydrastis can., Carcinosin30/200
Cabder of forehead (open sore)
Cancer of Face
Aurum ars., Lobelia erinus
Cancer of Nose
Natrum mur (extending to cheeks and eye lids)
Cancer of lips
Clematis, Sepia, Conium Condurango (With Cracks in angles of mouth), Hydrastis can (Also local application of mother tincture), Aurum ars., Cabolic acid.
Cancer of tongue
Phosphorus, galium aparine, sempervivum tectorum, Kali cyanatum, Apis Mel, Arsenic album, Hydrastis Can., Condurango, Aurum mur, Clacarea carb., Carbo animalis, Crotalus horridus.
Brest Cancer
Scirrhium, Conium, Sulphur 1m-cm, Alumen, Anathereum, Phytolacca, Hoang nan, Hydrastis can., Carcinosin 30/200. Asterias rubens, Bufo rana, Chimphilla, Baryta iod., Condurango, Plumbum iod. Sempervivum tectorum, Arsenicum iod. (after ulceration has set in)
Cancer of Stomach
Arcenic Album, Nitric Acid, Sulphurim-cm. Hydrastis can.,Acetic acid, Condurango, Kreosote, Chelidonium, Phosphorus Carbo veg., Ornighogallum Umbellatum.
Cancer of pylorus
Ornithogallum umbellatum, Graphites
Cancer of caecum
Ornithogallum umbellatum.
Colloid Cancer of omentum
Lobelia einus
Cancer of Bowel (lower)
Cancer of Liver
Cancer of uterus and cervix
Kreosote, Carbo animalis, Thlaspi B.P., Kali Carb, Bufo rana, Fuligo ligni, Lapis alb. Anathereum, Aurum ars., Aurum mur natronatum, Carbolic acid.
After failure of radiotherapy :- Cadmium met cm Cadmium oid. Cadmium sulph. cm (All the three in sequence)
Cancer of penis
Cancer of Testes
Spongia, Aresenic Album, Conium
Cancer of Scrotum
Fuligo Ligni
Cancer of pelvic bones
Cancer of bones
Aurum iod., Phosphorus, symphytum.
Cancer of glandular structures
Hoang man, Coium Cistus can, Anathereum, Aresenic brom., Clc. oid.
Cancerous tumors
Sempervivum tectorum.
Epithelial cancer
Acetic acid, Condurango, Fuligo ligni, Natrum mur.

Besides the medicines, the lifestyle and proper fooding is very necessary for the recovery of a cander patient. Although these will depend upon the stage of the patient and the location of the cancer but in genral nutritive easily digestible food should be provided to the patient in a regular manner. The environment around him should be clean and hygienic and all precautions should be taken to prevent infections. He should be encouraged every time. If the patient tends to spiritualism and optimism, his chance of recovery will definitely enhance.

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