Acne Vulgaris and Homeopathic Treatment

Acne Vulgaris and Homeopathic Treatment

"I have always held the belief that God created acne and proariasis to teach dermatologists the merits of humility."

Richard Green. 1976

"I am tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin deep. That's deep enough what do you want an adorable pancreas?"

Jean Kerr- 'The make has all the lines',1958

DIAGNOSTIC CRITERIA Definition : An inflammation of the pilosebaceous units of face and trunk that occurs most frequently in adolescents and manifests itself as comedones, papulopustules, or nodules and cysts.

  • The most common of all skin conditions.
  • Inflammatory disorder of the sebaceous glands, androgenically stimulated, occurring at puberty, causing social embarrassment, pain at times, and scarring in severe cases. Concern about its appearance that may be quite inconspicuous to observer.
  • Comedones, papules, and pustules, and cystic lesions, often healing with scarring, occurring mostly on the face, but also on shoulders, neck and chest. Microbial colonisation of the pilosebaceous follicles by organisms like P. Acnes, P. Ovale, etc. occurs.
  • Intensification occurs in many patients during pre-menstrual phase, in summer and rainy season, and during emotional stress in some patients.
  • Polycystic ovaries, and ovarian and adrenal tumours are to be ruled out in women presenting with severe acne, hirsutism, and menstrual irregularities.
  • No diet factors have been identified, and there is no proof that chocolates and fatty foods aggravate acne, or any particular item of food for that matter.
  • Causative drugs include systemic steroids, phenytoin, lithium, iodides and bromides, and some contraceptive pills. Acneiform lesions can follow long term exposure to coal tar, machine oils, greases and lubricating oils.
  • Can occur in people aged thirties and forties also, especially in women, when it usually presents with perioral lesions.
Prognosis : Excellent with homoepathic treatment for acne vulgaris. Sometimes acne persists into adulthood.

Management General Principles: Acne is more important to the patient than the doctors are usually aware of, and the attitude of the doctor should be one of empathy recalling his/her own adolescence! So, the psychological impact of the disease (i.e. perceived cosmetic disfigurement) should be assessed individually in each patient and therapy modified accordingly The patient has to be told that any treatment takes up to 4 weeks to take effect Treatment is decided by type of lesion.. Cystic and potentially scarring lesions need aggressive therapy with patience.