Homoeopathic Treatment for Ring Worm

Homoeopathic Treatment for Ring Worm

A common skin conditions also known as dermatophytosis.it causes itchy red patches over skin. it is contagious by nature though name is worm but it is caused by fungus.

Symptoms based on duration site of the infection. round shaped typically very itchy and may blister and ooze. it occur anywhere in body.

caused by fungus not by worm ,very contagious in nature and can spread from person to person through contact with the skin. Ring worm spread to a person from contact with animals, including cats, dogs.
By using objects that have come in contact with an infected person, such as towels, bedding, shower or pool surfaces, and combs or brushes, can also spread ringworm

How Ringworn infects?
The fungi that cause infections tend to grow and spread in areas that are moist and warm. In India this disease is more prevalent in the summer and can affect people of all ages. The following factors can raise the risk of developing ringworm:

  • close contact with an infected person or their belongings
  • Having had a previous fungal infection
  • Living in a warm, humid climate
  • Wearing tight, moist clothing, such as a bathing suit, for long periods of time
  • Playing contact sports, such as wrestling or football
  • Sweating excessively.

Homoeopathic Treatment
Keeping the area clean and dry and cleaning bedsheets every day to prevent spreading.
The best therapy is prevention. Reducing the amount of moisture the feet are exposed to and wearing footwear that can breathe helps prevent both infection and recurrences. Changing socks frequently (especially in warm weather and after sports activity), and thoroughly drying the feet and spaces between the toes after swimming or bathing are also helpful strategies.
Regular homoeopathic treatment with qualified homoeopath will help to cure the ring worm infection.