Menopausal Syndrome

Introduction to the topic on Menopausal Syndrome could start with the dictionary definition of menopause and menopausal syndrome.

Literally, the cessation of spontaneous menstrual periods. The period at which normal menstrual life ceases the climacteric or change of life (Butterworth Medical Dictionary pg. 1063. Second Edition, ELBS Butter Worth’s & Co. (Publisher Ltd.).

Of or relating to the menopause (Butterworth Medical Dictionary (Pg. No. 1063) Second Edition, ELBS)

Menopausal syndrome
A combination of subjective phenomena occurring in some women, about the time of the menopause. The symptoms include irritability, depression. insomnia and paroxysmal flushing and swetaing. (Pg. 1063 Butterworth Medical Dictionary, Second Edition, ELBS).

Menopause means permanent cessation of menstruation at the end of reproductive life due to loss of ovarian follicular activity. It marks the dusky days women life and change of life in all her aspects. As the saying goes “A women takes two births in a single life” one when she is born and another when she gives birth. She is provide with most precious and best gift of reproduction by the “mother nature”. But when she reaches menopausal age she looses this privileged gift though she has many children menopause means much to her.

It is a natural process in women ‘s life followed by changes in metal and physical level. She becomes a different person within the same body and soul. She can be nicely compared with a flower the bud with childhood, the full blooming flower with her youth and as flower shed off so the women wears off. There are many apprehension and fear in women regarding menopause.

The menopause was once regarded as a time for women to develop the full potential of their live and their experiences and wisdom were highly valued. During the nineteenth century however a very different view of the older woman began to emerge. The victorian gynecologist Edward Tilt saw the menopause are a “gradual loss of feminine grace”., leading to erratic behaviour melancholia, kelptomania, alcoholism and even suicide. It may be disastrous, or at least impolite to call woman old at any age and more so when she may not completed even 50 years. However the menopause does represent a ‘Change of life’ that occurs with advancing year and as such justifies at least a brief consideration here. As well as exposing the view of Tilt, the American gynecologist Rovert Wilson, in a medical journal in 1963, “the unpalatable truth must be faced that all post menop0ausal women are castrates”. There are many fallacies and fear in women regarding menopause as, menopause may bring forth ugly body contours, flaccidity to the breasts and atrophy of genitalia.

We often wonder a great many women dread the onset of the menopause as if it were the beginning of a gray avenue of physical and mental deterioration heightened by the loss of their fertility and hence their worth as women.

Although it is a normal physiological process but like many other changes in the body is accompanied by symptoms which is for the most part functional and without organic disease. Moreover a great many pass through the change of life with little or no discomfort at all.

This is last symptoms enumerated under menopausal syndrome is a long one, But the out standing ones are, hot flushes and sweats, headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration, body or joint pains irritability; loss of libido, insomnia, palpitation and at times emotional turmoil, nervous depression etc.

Nevertheless, it would be wrong to conclude that all menopausal symptoms are caused by our negative attitudes to ageing. Body and mind are inseparably linked, so natural hormonal changes are bound to cause a certain degree of physical and emotional discomfort at least for a year or so until every thing settles down. In fact the fluctuating levels of hormones, which company these bodily changes, are responsible for many psycho – somatic distrubances.

The most effective medicine that a physician can give a women entering the menopause is the simplest one, is an explanation, He can explain to her that menopause does not mark the end of personal attractiveness or sexual enjoyment.

But when symptoms are not relieved then definitely we should look for other alternative which implies treatment of the complaints.

The modern school treats these symptoms with some hormone preparation or sedatives but it is now being realized that is fraught with many dangers, despite, timeless campaigns by doctors and the drug companies the niggling side effects of HRT can be so distressing that half of all women for whom drugs were prescribed they drug stop with in six months (according to recent survey by the National opinion poll, U.K.).

Homeopathy has alternatives to HRT with no known hazards. Homeopathic medicine acts on menopausal symptom with a gentle touch. This system of healing can be of enormous benefit to those suffering from physical and emotional symptoms triggered by the menopause.

The best treatment for the menopause is the deep constitutional remedy covering the totality of the patient’s symptoms at that time.

As J.C. Burnett Said ” I have myself never heard a clinical lecture on the menopause that was least help to me in my medical work or one that afford to my mind, the least satisfaction ; neither have I ever read any article or book on the subject that offered me either mental enlightenment or practical advantage, As far as I know my way about in medical literature the menopause is, to say the least, a very dark region indeed, where in we are left to grope about in quest of unknown quasighost like awfulnss”. And it is a fact that Homeopathic medicines has been used with good effects in menopausal syndrome since long time but unfortunately there effects are not well documented.

As J.C. Burnett said that ” I have always tried at least to strike a match in any dark corner where medical mysteries midst ghostly terrors most abound; and although the illumination emanating from one solitary match is not exactly blinding still is it more helpful than utter darkness”.