Prostate and Homeopathy

Constitutional medicines are having it’s own importance for the better treatment as well as to relieve form patient suffering then any mode of prescribing. Different medicines producing symptoms similar to BHP and we have to perceive that symptoms and prescribe medicine only then when medicine suits individualing features of the patient. There is no single specific medicine for all the cases of prostate disorder. That’s why Sabal s Ferrum pjc Con mac Thuja having good reputations in the treatment of prostate disease but failure are also think us other medicine for the case. As in case of Sulphur patient – frequent micturition esp. at night burning urethra during micturitions lasts long after parts sore on which urine passes. Must hurry, Sudden Call to urinate. Great quantities of colorless urine redness of parts. Congestion may present Desire sweet Hot patient. But if patient is Chilly with Psoric symptoms predominant, Loss of expulsive power. Which prevents complete emptying of bladder at one sitting. A discharge of prostates fluid occurs while the patient is straining to start the flow of urine and after wards a few drops of urine escape involuntary indifference to sexual matters. Aversion , absence of enjoyment of the function. If these symptoms present, we must think PSORIUM. But, if it is a case of Nat S the imp symptom is urine burns on passing urging caused by violent pinching pain coursing down from the umbilicus to groins. There is burning in the urethra during and after urination. The glans penis and scrotum itch and are not relieved by scratching. If sycotic predominance, chilly pt. urinany stream split and small. Frequent micturition accompanying pains. Sensation of pickling after urinating. Desire sudden and urgent but can not be controlled. In case Medorrhinium pt. is hot, Desire ice, cold things painful tenesmus when urinating with frequent urging and painful urination. Urine flows very slowly other important medicine where urine flow very slowly is Acid Nit but in case of Acid Nit other important symptoms is even soft stool requiring great straining. If prostate symptoms with rectal difficulties are present. At least we must think of Podo, Ruta, Arnica, Capsicum. As age increases many other complaints start one of them gastric difficulty. If a patient suffering dyspepsia, acidity with less thirst polyurea at night, retention of urine or urine slow in coming must starain – Lycopodium one of the medicine to think. Generally persons having urine difficulty takes less amount of water but if person’s takes good amount of water (Thirst ) with gastric difficulty. Hydrangea is choice of medicine indigestion, acidity, with severe tenesmus, painful scalding pains behind pubis at the end of urination Populous T. is choice of medicine, it. There are cases when pt. comes with edema of lower limbs with Prostate trouble. Constant urging pain goes down thigh during efforts to urinate we must think once Pareira Brava. As Diabetes increases these days with Diabetic History there is prostates troubles medicine like Rhus Aromate, Eup. Pur Consider. We must take each symptom very carefully as we know in general urinary trouble agg at night, but if pt. comes with more difficulty in day time, we must think Ferrum met. on lying down agg. esp. at night Pulsatilla and Kreo. In case of discussion old age troubles and we forget Baryta C and Con mac is not possible. As Both medicine are having good effects glandular enlargement with no exception to prostate… Clematis, typically needed when the man has the sensation that the bladder is never empty. The patient complains that there is always some urine left (usually the first indication of prostate gland problems). Another symptom is the feeble urine stream due to the constriction of the urethra. Frequently, there is involuntary dribbling or loss of urine, so that the patient has to stay at the toilet for a while in order not to wet his trousers. This patient can also suffer from a burning pain at the cessation of urination. “. Another excellent remedy is Selenium. The dominating characteristic is the physical and mental debility and exhaustion of the patient. A classical example is the patient with an increased sexual desire and the inability to have an erection . At the same time, he experiences physical weakness from the slightest exertion, . He loses prostatic fluid during stool or sleep. Some very specific symptoms calling for Selenium are hoarseness and hair loss on any part of the body (including eyelashes and pubic hair).

When we mention Digitalis we think of a heart remedy. I have seen very good results with Digitallis under my teacher of NIH Dr. Sarkar . Digitalis is the most important remedy for urine retention caused by an enlarged prostate. There is a strong desire to urinate but it is impossible for the patient to do so. He also feels his heart beating in his bladder and has a constant urge to urinate (tenesmus) at night. Then he has the strange feeling that the bladder is always full, even after urination. The above symptoms should alert the vigilant physician to the use of digitalis. Zincum metallicum, for the man who can only urinate when sitting on the toilet. It is impossible for him to urinate while standing. Classically, his symptoms are also aggravated by drinking wine. Another remedy, one giving another etiology for prostate enlargement, is Staphysagria. The causalities for this remedy humiliation situations like verbal, physical, emotional or sexual abuse. There are many more prostate remedies such as Pulsatilla, Causticum, Nitric acid, Cannabis sativa and Thuja. The homeopathic physician will determine which one fits each patient’s symptom complex. Nux Vom : Irritable bladder habits of alcohols. There is strangury straining to pass water which either does not flow or comes spasmodically in dribbles with pains at the neck of the bladder and down the urethra. Dribbling of the urine in old men or caused by use of a catheter. Other medicine to think complication after the use of catheter is Mag phos, Merc dulcis, Staph. complaits after surgical operation. Arnica followed by Caust. If Prostatic troubles with Haematuria occurs Hamamelis. due prostate enlargement the lobes prostate affected causes obstruction and difficulty in passing the posture in which patient passes urine is important .as in a case of Chimaphjla unable to urinate without standing with feet wide apart and body inclined forward. With other symptom of prostate enlargement. in case of Pareiera brava can emit urine only when he goes on hji hands and knees pressing head firmly against the floor,violent urging to urinate and straining, after midnight till morning. pain down thighs during effort to urinate. in case of Petroselinum causing him to shiver and dance around the room in agony. in case of Prunus spinosa must press a long time before urine appears .must double up to urinate.

With regard to the homeopathic treatment for Prostate troubles, the Homoeopathic approach is essentially a constitutional and individualistic treatment.